The spring bear season is almost here, and the anticipation is growing! I just spent five days with one of my guides quadding around my guiding area. We covered the full territory, checking on early bear activity and started opening the baits. Here’s what’s we saw:

On the trails, the snow has disappeared in the lower elevations with some still lingering higher up on the hills as expected. It looks nothing like last spring when abnormally large amounts of snow accumulation led to many adventures in the early spring season! With the snow that was still on the ground we were able to easily skid in a few more barrels of bait where needed and use a trailer to get into the lower areas.

Spring looks to be right on schedule this year and there were multiple signs of bears starting to make their way out of a long winter’s hibernation. We saw bear tracks at some of the baits already and got footage on the trail cameras of them prowling around the sites. These bears know where the early food sources are and have been heading there early.

I am trying out some new cell cameras from Stealth Cam. It is exciting to get live reports of what is happening out there, though I’m curious how long my batteries will last! In addition to the bears, all the squirrel and crow activity in front of the cameras uses up the battery a lot quicker.

This week there is a mix of rain and snow in the forecast. After that the temperatures are warming up again which will bring the remaining bears out of their cozy dens and the baits will get increasingly busy. I am looking forward to another awesome season with a lot of fun and high-quality bears coming in!