Baldy Mountain Outfitters is located in the Duck Mountains of Manitoba, Canada and is one of the Hot Spots in North America for hunting trophy-size and color phase black bears including chocolate, cinnamon and blonde. This rolling, forested land is filled with lakes, swamps and streams and known for consistently producing high numbers of bears as well as bears with record dimensions. It also holds some of the highest color phase ratios in Canada. Baldy Mountain Outfitters has the largest hunting territory in the Duck Mountains at over 264,000 acres – an exclusive area which no other Outfitter is allowed to hunt. This is unlike some areas in Manitoba where Outfitters’ allocation areas overlap and are in competition of each other. With this low-pressure prime hunting area, Baldy Mountain Outfitters is able to provide a sustainable harvest of premium trophy and color phase bears.

“When I was looking for a bear Outfitting business, I wanted something that was unique and stood out in producing high numbers of bears, record book and color phase bears.”

This area in the Duck Mountains, previously owned by Tom and Debbie Ainsworth of Grandview Outfitters, had a legacy of producing trophy and color phase bears for over 30 years, with many repeat guests. The ideal landscape and virtually no pressure from local hunters also led to high numbers of bears consistently coming to the sites. Baldy Mountain Outfitters now owns and operates from this same area and long-established bait sites, plus has continued to expand its territory.


I, Todd Wohlgemuth, am the owner and operator of Baldy Mountain Outfitters Manitoba Inc. with my wife, Charlene, and our three young daughters. Hunting, fishing, guiding and experiencing the outdoors are some of my biggest passions and part of who I am. Pursuing an Outfitting business was a goal that brought all of these elements together and motivated me to access all the learning opportunities I could. I have spent my career in the bush in various capacities, including guiding for different Outfitters in Manitoba and British Columbia as well as working as a land surveyor technologist in remote areas. In 2016 I was blessed with being able to purchase a well-known and highly acclaimed bear hunting business. At Baldy Mountain Outfitters, I am proud to offer premium black bear hunts for trophy and color phase bears in a personal and unforgettable experience.

As part of this commitment I am also a member of the Manitoba Lodges and Outfitters Association which is dedicated to ensuring all members abide by a code of ethics of professional service and responsible stewardship of our natural resources (see Manitoba Lodges & Outfitters Association).

Our mission is to provide the highest quality of black bear hunting and bear harvesting in the industry while keeping it personal and conserving this rich resource for the future.

Why Us?

  1. We are passionate about bear hunting and providing premium-quality hunts
  2. High ethical standards in service provision and conservation management
  3. Among the highest success rates across North America for trophy class (Boone and Crockett) and color phase bears
  4. Consistently high numbers of bears
  5. Largest outfitting territory in the Duck Mountains of Manitoba
  6. Exclusive Outfitter rights for the hunting area
  7. Professional, experienced and knowledgeable guides
  8. Personable hunts that build relationships
  9. We like to have fun and have fun while we hunt
  10. Always working to improve and responsive to suggestions from guests


Baldy Mountain Outfitters provides statistics of success rates, trophy sizing and percentage of color phase bears harvested. The numbers put us well above industry standards and these high quality bears have been sustained for over 30 years. The following numbers/stats are from 2017 to current:

  • 100% opportunity rate with multiple bears to choose from
  • Heaviest bear taken was 550 lbs taken in the spring (this bear could have reached more than 700 lbs in fall with average weight gain of 30% of body weight over summer)
  • Biggest skull 21 9/16″ (All-Time Boone and Crockett official score)
  • Skull size out of 119 Bears Harvested:
    • 66 bears at 18″ or bigger 55%
    • 37 bears at 19″ or bigger 31%
    • 21 bears at 20″ or bigger 18%
    • 4 bears at 21″ or bigger 3%
  • Bears we harvested have averaged well over 18″ for Skull size
  • That’s 21 bears in the last 5 years that have made Boone and Crockett, with 4 making All-Time Boone and Crockett
  • Over 30% color phase